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All about FibreSolve.

Carpet Cleaning Processes
See in detail the steps applied to your carpet when you have us clean them.

See how you can contact us here.

Frequently asked questions regarding carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and stain protection.

Photo Gallery
See cleaning contrast photos. Before and after shots, showing what professional cleaning could do for your carpets and upholstery.

Pay Invoice
Pay your FibreSolve invoice via PayPal using any credit or debit card.

See what a stain protector is and how it works. Find out what it does do - and what it doesn't.

Rugs & Fine Fabric
See what methods are used to clean all kinds of rugs and delicate fabrics. Including Chinese, Persian, Indian and many more.

FibreSolve offers a complete range of carpet and upholstery cleaning services. Find them listed here.

See what some of our clients, domestic and commercial have said about our service.

Upholstery Cleaning
Again the industry has a set standard for upholstery cleaning. See the steps that it includes here.