Carpet Cleaning - Cleaning Process

On this page we invite you to read about how we clean carpets. The following steps along with their definitions, are the steps that the Professional carpet cleaning industry teach as being the only method for achieving the best possible results.

  1. Dry Vacuuming
  2. Spotting, Edging, Pre-Spray & Scrub
  3. Hot Water Rinse Extraction
  4. Neutraliser & Deodoriser Finish
  5. Drying

In Greater Depth...

1Dry Vacuuming
The first stage of the carpet cleaning system is a thorough Dry Pre-Vacuum. Pre-Vacuuming gets rid of up to 80% of the loose dust and grit held in the carpet. It removes dust that is hard to eliminate once damp. Failure to begin with this first basic step can mean that this dirt is never properly removed. Sometimes people say that after they had either had their carpets cleaned or did it themselves the carpet seamed to get dirtier quicker. It could be that this loose dust and grit was not removed with a dry vacuum prior to wetting the carpets. If so, it will eventually work it's way to the top of the carpet giving the appearance of getting dirtier, quicker.

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2Spotting, Edging, Pre-Spray & Scrub
The second step involves treating any obvious spots and stains existing on the carpet. This ensures that each spot or stain is treated properly, maximizing the possibility of removal. After this we will 'Edge Out' the room - Extraction clean with a hand sized tool the extremities of the carpet, ensuring a nice tight clean into the corners and sides. Once all the spotting is done, the main surface area of the carpet being cleaned will be Pre-sprayed and scrubbed. The Pre-Spray is gentle misting of a soil breaker and degreaser onto the carpet, it is then brush scrubbed into the pile. This part of the process helps break down and loosen up the general soiling within the pile of the carpet. It is a preparatory technique for stage 3. It is similar to the pre-wash cycle on a washing machine, before the main rinse.

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3Hot Water Extraction
The Hot Water Extraction is the main stage of the cleaning process. Our world class fast dry extraction system is setting new standards for carpet cleaning in domestic and commercial settings. High pressure water solution is delivered to the carpet. This rinses the carpet of the pre-spray and all the broken down dirt. It is instantly pulled away by powerful vacuum units. This system ensures that your carpets are cleaned as deeply as is physically possible, whilst recovering almost all the water used. We can also boost the cleaning solution with steam when cutting through heavy soiling and grease. Incidentally all that's doing the rinsing is a tuned combination of high pump pressure, hot water, powerful vacuums and the right technique. Very little detergent is used in the machine, just under 0.1875% in fact, the rest is tap water. This is all part of good cleaning practice; allowing the pre-spray to loosen the dirt, then just rinsing with water. The opposite would be to thrash someone's carpets with high risk chemicals to try and get a quick result.

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4Neutraliser & Deodoriser Finish
Part of good carpet care is leaving the carpet in natural pH balance. This is achieved by applying a rinse finish to the carpet. Not only does it leave the carpet in a natural acidic pH and act as a colour brightener for wool based carpets, it also stops bacteria and spores from operating. Acting also as a deodorizer it has a pleasant temporary fragrance.

Finally Stage 5 of the process ensures that carpets are dry in no time. Fast drying is achieved with a combination of the following:
» Hot or Steam boosted cleaning - Heated water naturally evaporates far quicker than cool water.
» Powerful vacuum strength and good wand technique ensure that almost all the water used is recovered at the cleaning stage. With drying times of around 1-3 hours.
» With powerful air movers the carpets will be totally dry in around 15 minutes. Available on request.

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Optional Protection
As an optional add-on why not consider having your restored carpets or rugs protected. Prolong the life of your soft furnishing investment. Our StainShield with ACTIGARD protector is a coating applied after the cleaning. Not only is it an industry leader in its protective capabilities - it also kills and prevents infestations at the same time. Everything from flees and moths to dust mites and allergies. To learn to more see our protection page.

Maintenance Carpet Cleaning
Occasionally in shops and offices where there is high foot traffic a Rotary machine is used in carpet maintenance style cleaning. This involves the use of high action detergents applied by sprayer to the carpet, with an absorbent bonnet pad attached to the rotary machine. The pad absorbs this moisture along with surface soiling. This process is designed to be done on a regular basis.

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